DIY S’mores Kit with Free Printable

One of the easiest desserts of all time is a s’more.  Not only are they delicious, but making them doubles as a party activity!  So when my husband asked me to help him create a little treat he could gift his mortgage clients for referral business, I had the perfect end-of-the-summer treat:  A DIY S’mores Kit for a family night.  

With the help of my favorite designer Harper Gray, we came up with an adorable card and tag to include with the gift.  On the card I added some of our favorite s’mores combinations and a thank you on the hang tag.  Then I gathered the goods!  Graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate, smore’s sticks, and a can of s’mores heat, all easy to source online (direct links added below).  To combine it all together, I found these cute striped towels that fit everything perfectly.  

Here is a video of how I put the S’mores Kit How-to Video:

DIY S’mores kit Assembly

Make your own S’mores Kits with the following supplies:

Striped Towels

S’mores Sticks

Canned Heat


Chocolate (Hersheys, Cookies & Cream, York, Caramello, Reeses)


Graham Crackers 


Print your own FREE S’mores Kit printables using the links below! 

JennySmoreTag (1)

JennySmoreRecipeCardPair (1)

Can’t wait to see your s’mores kits!   Tag me in your creations on social at @jennycookies.  

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  1. Your cookies would make awesome smile smores!
    Simply cut cookie in half
    Roast marshmallow
    Add favorite candy bar
    Hold up to your face and smile smore!