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Mini Rose Cake Recipe | Mother’s Day Treat

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My mom texted me a photo from a magazine recently while she was sitting in the dentist office. I wish I could find the photo because I would love to stare at it again but from what I remember, it was a stacked chocolate cake made from pieces of a cupcake, decorated with a buttercream rose on top. I thought how cute, but then thought getting each of your cupcakes to bake evenly enough stack could prove to be difficult. So I tried my hand at something similar yet faster, and in my opinion, easier.

I baked one doctored vanilla cake mix in two 13 x 9 Pans, resulting in two flat rectangle cakes. Using a Round Cutter , I cut 12 circles from each cake. It was quick, simple and hardly any cutting involved! Instead of smearing on the icing between the layers with a spatula, I piped pink icing between each layer and finished with a rose from a Wilton 1M Tip. Each cake took less than 2 minutes to assemble.

They are beyond darling and the perfect size dessert to serve for Mother’s Day. I used my French Vanilla Cake recipe from My Book: Eat More Dessert but you could use any recipe and icing color you wish!

Jenny Cookies Mini Rose Cakes

Jenny Cookies Buttercream Frosting-01

Happy Baking!


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  1. Tina Dahl says:

    Perfection once again Jenny….love these!! Happy May Day 🙂

  2. Jenny, beautifully simple! A vanilla cake, was a very wise choice, and of course the pink butter cream frosting was a delight. Just a sprinkle of pink sparkles on the top. Thank you for this Beautiful idea, for Mothers Day. My mother passed in 1979, she was only 39,May 10th she would have been 40 . Today is very special, like every year is. But for what ever reason this cake idea is making it more special. THANKS AGAIN

  3. Could you use this method to make mini Naked cakes?!?!?! I think I may have to try that for my next girls party!