August 12, 2010

Hudson is 2.

Well there was definitely no sunny day sweeping our clouds away last Saturday. With a 40% chance of showers and a very optimistic attitude, I said let’s go for it, and set up Hudson’s party in our backyard. Silly me, I should have listened to my gut saying it was going to rain. For three weeks I had worked on H’s party, making, baking, and creating things to make his party extra special. My days were filled cutting felt circles, stringing pennant flags, mastering Elmo’s face in buttercream icing, and of course, shopping for all things primary colors.

It rained. And when I say rained, I mean POURED.




What a party. I didn’t know if I should cry or just laugh.

I laughed.

I laughed until the party was over and I was tearing down the pinwheels from the fence posts and they were falling off into my hands, drenched from the rain shower that had completely dissolved them into nothing. We were left with a giant cake completely un cut, an Oscar the Grouch trash game no one played, and a pinata entirely unharmed. There was enough candy left over to give out on Halloween, seven un claimed goldfish, and fourteen loads of laundry from all the beach towels spread all over my carpet, in attempt to protect my floor from everyone’s muddy grassy shoes.

I guess if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that no matter how well you plan and put something together, there’s no controlling the weather.

Let’s all start praying now for August 2011′s weather.

and P.S. Rain, I hate you.


55 thoughts on “Hudson is 2.

  1. Terri said:

    This party looks amazing. From the pictures it doesn't look like the rain caused any problems. Everyone looks VERY happy. You did a fabulous job. Loving it. Where did you get everything, invites, etc. I am a new follower, found you on Kara's Party Ideas!

  2. Natalie said:

    Hi Jenny!
    Im new to your blog, also followed you from Kara's.
    You did an AMAZING job on styling this party! I am so sorry it rained:(
    (been there..and it is never fun)
    however, I agree with Terri, everyone looks delighted to be there! You should be very proud of your FANTASTIC party !!!

  3. Tiffany said:

    I feel for you….I had my daughter's 2nd birthday this past Saturday too…..a circus/carnival theme. Guess what…..IT RAINED!!! UGH….started about an hour and a half before but stopped just as the first guest arrived…didn't matter my backyard was already a SWAMP!! Luckily the guests were GREAT sports and didn't seem to get their feet wet, grassy and muddy! Here's to NO RAIN next year!! BTW….AWESOME party!!!

  4. Glory/ Glorious Treats said:

    Holy cow, what a party!!! (I came over from Kara's party blog) You did a really incredible job!! I'm so sorry you were rained out! =( I guess since your little guy is just two you'll have lots more parties to come to show off your AMAZING party skills!!
    Really, beautiful job!!

  5. JenRoc said:

    I can't even begin to explain how in love I am with your party!! Sorry it rained, but I wish I was there in the rain partying along!! What a fantastic job!

    I'm pretty new to all of this (found you via Kara's blog) but I would love to feature you on my blog. May I?

  6. A Few of My Favorite Things said:

    Sorry about the rain but the party was fabulous nonetheless! Your attention to detail is absolutely amazing and Hudson is a lucky little boy to have such a wonderful bash.

    I shared the link to your feature at Kara's on my FB fan page – you've got a new fan in me for sure.

  7. Amy said:

    Such a super cute party! Making a rainy day that much fun is to be commended! The work you put into everything shows and looking at all of the sweet treats makes me hungry! Love the whole thing, start to finish!! Thanks for sharing through Kara! Amy

  8. The Purple Pug said:

    Rain or no rain-you styled one extremely magnificent bash! Every detail is astounding and so well thought out. So many clever ideas and clearly so much time and talent. Perfect presentation. Adorable little son:)

    PS-Rain on a party day just sucks:(

  9. Phuong said:

    Following you from Kara's blog. What a wonderful party! Love all the little details. I'm glad the rain didn't spoil your mood though. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns said:

    This is the best Sesame Street party I have ever seen! I love every BIT of it! Gorgeous!

  11. Cari @ Socially Circled said:

    WOW! That was one amazing party! Love each and every single detail!

  12. Mariah said:

    Wow you did an amazing job (even with the rain interfering!) Where did you find the mason jars with the cute lids? Is the background with the different colored circles made with felt? VERY cute party!!

  13. Shelley@DivinePartyConcepts said:

    What a WONDERFUL party! Even with the rain in turned out great!

  14. the mommy said:

    Awesome party! I love every detail, especially the candy bar. You did an amazing job! I'm so following your blog right now.

  15. anyreasonforcake said:

    It looks like you managed to give Hudson a very sunny day in spite of the rain! Everything looked so fun!

  16. Anders Ruff Custom Designs said:

    I love it all! I am all about non-commercialized feeling parties and you pulled it off to perfection!

  17. Tini Posh said:

    Found you on Kara's blog..WOW! Love Love Hudson's party! Your attention to detail is amazing! I am sorry about the rain..but I agree it looks like everyone had a TON of fun!!

  18. chuppakidz said:

    hi. im iza from malaysia. ive been following kara's blog. im so thrilled and excited on your party. this makes me more excited to plan my baby gal 2nd bday with the same theme as she adores elmo so much. thank you for the ideas! you did fantastic!

  19. Keli said:

    You did an AMAZING job with your son's Sesame Street party….LOVE how you didn't use any commercial themed products and created everything with your own twist, so cute! And trust me, your son will not even remember it rained, only how much fun he had with his family and friends :)

  20. Jessica said:

    Wow! What an amazing party! You did a great job!

    I HAVE to know what those ice cream cones are??? We are having an ice cream shop party for my daughter next year.

    SUPER cute!

  21. Prudence said:

    Well done Jenny. Great attention to details and wonderful pictures to preserve the memories. I had my sons' first birthday party last weekend and was already shopping for next years theme when i came across your party via kara. I love your refreshing spin the sesame street theme.
    Prudence in Brooklyn

  22. Sue said:

    After ALL this work, and it rained…arrrrrgh! Anyway, I came over here from Kara's and I am in AWE! This party is incredibly over the top and I love it!!! You didn't forget a thing down to every last detail, and then some! What a lucky little birthday boy!
    Now to check out the rest of your blog:)

  23. Cheryl said:

    You did an amazing job! So much work! Perfect details! I am so sorry for the rain…
    Even with the rain your photos are beautiful!
    I love your party!

  24. { L } said:

    This party is absolutely INCREDIBLE!! You thought of every creative thing imaginable. I am just blown away by it. Every photo is a treat to see. This is PERFECT, truly.

  25. Lolo @ Crazy About My Baybah said:

    What an amazing party! I am grabbing your button for my blog, I want to keep coming back for more!

  26. Kami said:

    I featured your Awesome Party on my blog! I just love all that you did! Amazing job and I'm so sorry it rained! I do agree with everyone else! Looks like everyone had a blast! Love it all!

  27. JB said:

    What a wonderful party. I am in the process of planning a 4th birthday party and was wondering if you rented her primary color chairs? Also, where did you find all of your candy?

  28. Ashley said:

    I would love to feature your party on my blog! Too cute!

  29. Anonymous said:

    Hi Jenny! I am in love with your party and want to attempt something similar for my son's 2nd birthday. How did you do the multi color polka dot back ground? Where did you order Hudson's T-shirt from? Thanks! Marcia

  30. Anonymous said:

    Wow, what a cute party :) !! I'd love to know where you found the adorable drinking glasses with the cute flower cut out lid.

  31. Anonymous said:

    awesome party! i would love to do this for my sons 1st bday party! Where did u order his cool tshirt? do u answer questions on this blog?

  32. mom22 said:

    This party is easily one of my favorite! I love EVERY detail. I posted a link to it on my blog tonight. I "stole" your idea with the suckers. I also was very inspired by the cupcake holder and treat cone holder – so inspired I found the same containers from Pottery Barn that will be put to use for my son's party this weekend. It is supposed to rain this weekend for his party! I'm thinking the party will just have to be in the garage :(

  33. Anonymous said:

    I stumbled into your blog by searching for ideas for my baby boy's 1st birthday party, Sesame Street is his fave! So i found some good and some ok ideas, but wow… yours it's trully the best one yet!

    is it ok for me to TRY and redo your party…. it'll be next Jan. in San Diego, hope it doesnt rain, but just to be sure were planning to have in an enclosed glass area… this way well feel were outside too!

    Im in love with the green sesame street sign cake tower, were can i find one! im sure ill incorporate it in his room after the party is done!

    I'll be your faithfull follower thanks to elmo and cookie monster!


  34. Melissa Teran said:

    Gorgeous party! Was that ice cream in the cones or was that something else? They look delicious!

  35. Courtney said:

    Amazing Party! Looks like so much fun!
    How did you make those tissue paper balls that you hung over the food tables?

  36. Anonymous said:

    OMG!!!! This is the cutest party I've ever seen…its simplicity and non comercial decorations…amazingly planned….thank you for the ideas…I'm gonna have to plagarize most of them for my daughter's party lol

  37. Shauna said:

    I found your blog though Kara's Party Ideas. My son's 2nd bday is in April and I'm doing Sesame Street. I love, love, LOVE your party!!! How did you make the polka dot background? Did you do the cupcakes yourself? Super cute party ;o)

  38. Mommy said:

    I love this party idea! My daughters birthday is coming up in May so I'm browsing ideas now. How did you make the invitations?

  39. Isabella said:

    I am just curious, where did you get the invitations printed at?

  40. Anonymous said:

    Trying to make a Sesame Street back drop and ran into your amazing party! Congrats! Cutest party ever! Can you help me… need to know how you made the polka dot background? PLEASE!

  41. Anonymous said:

    I love love this party!! where did you get the vintage candy and lemonade stand from???

  42. Candace said:

    WOW! I adore every little detail about this party, what a fantastic job mama!!

    I saw your link from Kara's & had to come over here to ask you where you got Hudson's adorable birthday shirt?

    I've been searching high and low for something similar for my little man's upcoming 2nd birthday & have had no luck!

    Your blog is a part of my inspiration board for Logan's 2nd birthday :) I love everything about it & it's quite obvious that everyone else does too! You are one heck of a party thrower!

    If you don't mind sharing about the shirt I would greatly appreciate it!

    Oh, and apparently looking through your blog has me craving cookies!! I'm 17 weeks pregnant and have yet to crave anything sweet until now, haha, I NEED a cookie!!

  43. Anonymous said:

    I am really interested in know how you made the backdrop with the dots! I would love to know all ideas for this party. I am planning an elmo party for my son's second birthday and would love some advice. My email is

  44. Audrey said:

    I sure I wish I was Hudson (or even just one of his little friends who attended this fabulous party!). I hopped over here from
    bakerella's blog (cute cake pops btw)…but now, I'll have to follow your blog if for no other reason than to see what you do for the 3rd birthday!! :)

  45. hmgarver421 said:

    I was hoping I could get some details as well! I'm planning a joint 1st and 3rd party in October for my girls. How did you create the dot backdrop? Also what were the colored things you had hanging in some of the pictures? Where did you find the "tin" cupcake stand? And what was in the ice cream cones? You did such a beautiful job! if you wouldn't mind sharing! Thanks so much! ~Hillary

  46. Anonymous said:

    The backdrop appears to be felt circles glued onto a white sheet

  47. Anonymous said:

    I love every detail of this party. I would love to know how you made the backdrop. And where did you get the green Seasme Street food holder?? I am planning a cookie monster party for my son's 2nd birthday-would love to hear about all your details from your party! Great Job!


  48. K said:

    Beautiful Decor! So sorry the rain happend. Would you share how you made the backdrop? I’m loving it! I’d appreciate it :)

  49. Linz said:

    Wonderful party!!!! Rain or no rain this party is amazing!!!! Im also doing a party in my back yard in June. Do you mind sharing your party ideas you have in this party with me?????

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  51. Kristi McHenry said:

    Where did you find the printouts for the water bottles etc? Let me know thanks!!

  52. Heather said:

    WOW! What an amazing party you put together for your son! Quick question, how did you put together the stand with the fish food? love that even the stand is Sesame Street themed. Amazing attention to details. Any tips would be so appreciated!

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  54. Keisha Moore said:

    Hi….LOVE the party pictures! Question: where can i purchase the Sesame Street sign (cupcake stand ?) that you have the “fish food” displayed on….I LOVE IT and NEED it for my daughters 3rd Birthday party…..

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