Oops, We’re Moving Again

No, you’re not reading that blog title wrong.  We really are moving, again.

We sold our farmhouse this past summer and made a move down to Woodway.  Over the past 7 months, we’ve fallen absolutely head over heels in love with the area.  We are one mile from downtown Edmonds and a hop, skip and a jump down to Richmond Beach.  I am giddy when I hear the ferry horn blow from my front yard and love nothing more than walking into town to get coffee on Saturday morning.

Our current home, what we named the “Keller Colonial” is a 1915 Dutch Colonial set on a street straight from a Hallmark movie.  Our neighbors are made up of the sweetest families ranging in all ages.  We’ve trick or treated together, Christmas caroled, rang in the New Year and spent more time getting to know each other than I ever have with a neighbor.  I know how lucky I am to live here, neighbors like this are not the norm.

We bought this home with the intention of renovating it and {potentially} living here for good.   The outside is stunning, covered in gorgeous old windows and french doors.  The inside reveals the original fireplace and rooflines you’d only dream about.  It’s charming and darling and perfect all in the same sentence.

But old houses are just that, old.  I won’t put you to sleep sharing specifics, but what we’ve learned in the past 7 months is that the renovation we’d planned was going to be quite extravagant.  And by extravagant, I mean expensive, time consuming, challenging and stressful.  Yet Dan and I are always up for a challenge.  I believe we thrive the crazier and more complex things are.  But because we both run our own businesses, an extensive home renovation that was growing in complexity by the day was starting to feel very overwhelming.  My priorities right now are more business and family focused.   We are on the verge of an expansion further south with Jenny Cookies Bake Shop, we’re wrapping up a dessert truck renovation and continuing to build brand partnerships with Jenny Cookies.  Meanwhile, our kids are growing up before my eyes, heavily involved in sports, activities and school.  I want to spend the little free time that I have with them, not picking out floor samples.

About a month ago one of my husband’s top real estate professionals reached out.  The conversation went like this “Hey, what would it take for me to sell your home and get you into the house behind yours?”  Dan shared this conversation with me later that day and like most wives, I immediately shut it down.  “We’re not moving!!  That’s crazy.  The answer is no.”

A day later I asked Dan to show me the photos.  Two days later we walked down to the house (it’s 100 steps away).  Skeptical, I walked through the home.  It was beautiful.  With a breathtaking view of the Puget Sound, gated entrance, pristine landscaping, unbelievable laurel hedges, oh and the best part…. it’s DONE.  Are there things I wouldn’t have picked out?  Yes.   Can I update them?  Yes.  I fell in love with the property because it’s move-in ready, it’s two doors down from the Keller Colonial, and, it’s stunning.

So that’s what we’re doing.  We’re literally moving two doors down into a home I can update as we have the time.

I can’t wait to show you more!


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  1. Oh Jenny, my sweet friend! I totally get it! I’m probably your only follower who gets it, but I do! I’m excited for you!!

  2. This is crazy! We’re so happy to be along on this adventure with you Jenny!

  3. That’s awesome and crazy but you’ll make it yours with your beautiful flair and outgoing personality. Congratulations!

  4. That’s crazy but totally awesome!! We love Edmonds too and just moved about 8 minutes away from our last house in Edmonds to a new house in Edmonds! It’s the best!!
    Can’t wait to hear where the new Jenny Cookies Bakeshop location will be!

  5. I’m so excited for you and your family!!
    And also very excited to hear about a dessert truck and more Jenny Cookies locations…
    Wish I could come up from the Midwest and just help move furniture and boxes but my needs are here right now…. Take it easy and don’t forget to breathe, smile, repeat!!