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Tree Top & Jenny Cookies Holiday Party

This past weekend I had the opportunity to host another party with Tree Top, this time to celebrate the holiday season!  If you aren’t familiar with the company, you’d more than likely recognize their products.  Tree Top is an apple juice and sauce company located here in Washington in the town of Selah.  Tree Top benefits more than 1,000 fruit growers in the Pacific Northwest as a grower-owned co-op.

161211_kcbphotography_0027Our party had originally been planned as a family day at a local tree farm…but the weather had other plans.  After a site visit a few days before the event, it was clear that it would be too chilly to host the event at the tree farm. We’d all be seeing our breath!

We quickly shifted gears to host in a studio location instead, in the heat.  I’m so glad we did because it was warm, cozy and inside, which made all the difference!

161211_kcbphotography_0049As guests arrived, we had a variety of activities to keep the kids entertained.  I like to make sure there are a lot of things to keep the kids busy so parents are able to chat a bit without having to hover over their kids.

161211_kcbphotography_0045First on the kid’s agenda was gingerbread house making.  The kids absolutely loved it.  It was chaotic and noisy, but not a difficult crowd! Each child found a seat and got to work.  They did such a great job!




161211_kcbphotography_0113Parents mingled and snacked from the dessert table made up of treats from my new bake shop!



Jenny Cookies Holiday Party | holiday party dessert recipes | christmas dessert recipes | christmas party ideas | christmas sweets and treats | holiday party dessert recipes || JennyCookies.com #holidayparty #christmasparty #holidaydesserts #holidaysweets

Jenny Cookies Holiday Party | holiday party dessert recipes | christmas dessert recipes | christmas party ideas | christmas sweets and treats | holiday party dessert recipes || JennyCookies.com #holidayparty #christmasparty #holidaydesserts #holidaysweetsTo wash down all of the sugar, we offered guests a hot apple cider and coffee bar.  It may have been white and bright in the studio, but it was pouring down rain and dark outside.  Hot apple cider was the perfect drink to warm everyone up!

161211_kcbphotography_0050The hot apple cider was made by simply heating Tree Top’s Honeycrisp Apple Juice.  Nothing else!!  I normally don’t like to drink my calories (I like food) but I sipped down two copper mugs full of it!  Tree Top is the only major brand that uses 100% USA apples for all of its apple juice.  Super impressive!

161211_kcbphotography_0086The kids moved on to decorating sugar cookies as they finished their gingerbread houses.  We baked gingerbread shapes and let them use their imagination for decorating.

The kids decorated cookies to place on the cutest personalized Cookies for Santa plattters (by Arla Creations).

161211_kcbphotography_0110After all the messy cookie and gingerbread decorating, the kids got creative at our crafting station.  We made Santa’s Sleigh out of Tree Top’s Apple Sauce Pouches and assorted holiday candies.


161211_kcbphotography_0101Tree Top’s Apple Sauce Pouches provide an easy way for your kids to enjoy fruit on-the-go. They are excellent sources of Vitamin C; contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or colors; and are BPA free. They are also mess-free, easy to pack and TSA-friendly, making them a delicious snack option if you’re traveling by car or plane to see family or friends this holiday season!




161211_kcbphotography_0103I love a good party favor so this party was no different.  Each guest went home with a personalized Santa bag (by Poofy  Cheeks) filled with an assortment of my favorite Christmas items.

161211_kcbphotography_0055 Highway 3 has the softest blankets, great for cuddling up in this winter.  We personalized blankets for our little guests, who were absolutely thrilled to find their names on the blankets.

161211_kcbphotography_0087We also included a Gingerbread Cookie kit by Food Stirs.  My sweet friend Sarah Michelle Gellar owns this awesome new brand.  Her cookies are delicious!  Other items in the bags were personalized Tiny Prints wrapping paper, thank you cards and 2017 notebooks.  You can never have enough places to jot to-do lists!  With Pinky Up Tea and coordinating spoons, Bissinger’s Chocolates and Gummies, the yummiest smelling candles by Candelles, and cinnamon and apple sauce ornament recipe cards, our guests are now set for a cozy holiday at home!


161211_kcbphotography_0048The party was filled with holiday cheer, laughter and plenty of treats.  Many of the kids expressed to me that it was the “best party ever!”  It never gets old hearing that!





After all the gingerbread houses had been made, cookies had been decorated and the dessert table was wiped clean, we sent everyone home with a snack for the road.  There’s nothing fun about leaving a party and having your kid announce they didn’t eat anything but sugar at the party.  We packed Tree Top Apple Sauce Pouches, Tree Top Organic Apple Juice, string cheese, goldfish crackers and other little treats to enjoy for the car ride home.

It was such a fun afternoon, I’m already looking forward to next year’s party!

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Photos by Kelly Clare Photography


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  1. adorable as ever Jenny! Merry Christmas love your parties so much!!

  2. Outstanding! In fact, when I saw the awesome goodie-bags you sent home with your guests- I raced down to the bottom to see if you were giving one away- ha ha!

  3. Thank you for having us! And I must agree – it was the best party of the season!! My girl’s adored making gingerbread houses, sipping apple cider and cuddling up with their new blanket! Cheers! xoxo

  4. Absolutely love the red and green stands with cork / wood? bottoms! Where did you find these?