Jenny Cookies Spring Workshop with Wilton

One of my favorite classes to teach is my Cookie Decorating Workshop. From renting the kitchen at my daughter’s preschool 7-8 years ago, to private small group classes, to the last few years of workshops at Romp‘s kitchen, it’s been a course that never gets old!

This past month I taught a great group of aspiring cookie decorators all my tips and tricks for my no-fail sugar cookies. The class begins with an introduction to making the dough to baking perfectly shaped cookies. As we wait for the cookies to bake, we mix up my buttercream icing. The attendees are able to watch and observe as I decorate a sample set of cookies and then are set off to decorate their own! I’m always very impressed with how well each person does (and I think they are too!).

For our spring workshop we partnered with Wilton and gave the space a colorful palette filled with sprinkles. The tables were lined with rainbow colored cake pedestals of dessert from donuts, lemon bars, rice krispy treats and cupcakes to stacks of naked cookies ready to be decorated. Attendees were treated to some of my favorite Wilton products like the best cookie spatula ever, to the cutest ice cream cone cookie cutters and all kinds of goodies in between.

It’s always so flattering to have such incredible people come out to spend the evening with me. I love meeting each person, hearing where they are from and how they came across Jenny Cookies! We had a few out-of-staters from Oregon and Iowa which is something I really appreciate. It’s hard to say goodbye at the end of the evening!

Because we’ve had such a huge response for an online course (work in progress…), I want to treat someone to the next best thing: a swag bag from the Jenny Cookies Workshop! Enter below at the bottom of this post to win all the goodies to make your own summer themed cookies!
































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Photos by Kelly Clare Photography

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  1. so much fun Jenny! I can’t Wait to come back to WA for another fun activity!

  2. I LOVE seeing your workshops and seriously can’t wait to attend one day! What an honor it would be to work with my styling muse on creating the Jenny-Chan gluten-free sugar cookie! Haha, let’s do it then I will have one more excuse (like I need one) to come visit you girl!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job on this workshop, it turned out gorgeous!

  3. Laura Hasse says:

    My favorite summer dessert is strawberry shortcake. Can’t wait to make it to one of your classes someday. Of course I will have to hug you from the excitement of finally making it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. chris bouchard says:

    Looks like so much fun and what a great inspiration for all my future showers, birthdays and other events!

  5. Sarah Wagner says:

    I can’t wait to attend one of your workshops hopefully the next isn’t on a Sunday!

    My favorite summer dessert is strawberry shortcake!

  6. It’s hard to pick one dessert that’s my favorite. I love any kind of cake, but homemade ice cream is the best in the summer time.

  7. I love strawberry short cake! Or nice crispy cold watermelon on a hot day.

  8. My favorite summer dessert is ice cream, but cookies are my favorite to bake!!!

  9. Nothing beats homemade ice cream & making Popsicles for the kids!

  10. Erica Howard Cox says:

    My favorite summer dessert is anything sweet my family shares together…ice cream, cookies, s’mores. Just as long as we’re enjoying it together!!

  11. I looovee popsicles in the summer because they’re cold, colorful and extra yummy! ?

  12. Stephanie Payne says:

    I love anything with fresh fruit…especially strawberry shortcake!

  13. Megan Bowers says:

    Nothing beats homemade strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream. There’s nothing more Southern and more “summer” than that. Yum!

  14. Hallie Smith says:

    I love blueberry peach cobbler!!! And, you can’t forget the homemade ice cream to top it off!

  15. My favorite summer dessert is Watermelon! I also love Italian ice ๐Ÿ˜‰ can’t beat anything cold in the summer!!

  16. Taryn Striegel says:

    Favorite dessert has to be cheesecake although now that I have your cookbook some of your recipes are making it tough to say that. I can’t stop making batch after batch of your sugar cookies and frosting!

  17. Love this, Jenny!! My favorite summer dessert is Ben & Jerry’s ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚