Hello Woodway

When we renovated the Keller Farmhouse, I said I’d never renovate again.  If you’ve ever remodeled a home, I’m sure you can relate.  It was a lengthy, expensive and stressful project that was trying on my marriage and my sanity.  Well I can eat all my words, because guess what.. I’m doing it again.

For the past couple of years my husband has pushed for us to move south.  I considered his suggestion but loved our farmhouse too much to leave.  He continued to drive south for work and I opened a bake shop five minutes from our house.  As time has passed, we have found our future to be south.  Dan’s mortgage business is thriving and our next Jenny Cookies Bake Shop location will be south. (We are not closing Jenny Cookies Bake Shop Lake Stevens)

I looked high and low for a home I’d leave my farmhouse for.  So many unique touches were carefully added into our current home that the thought of starting all over again seemed crazy.  A new home would have to ooze personality to leave the farmhouse.

You can imagine how excited I was to find this dream home in Woodway.   A 1915 Dutch Colonial with all the character and charm I could ever wish for.  My first thought was, “it reminds me of the Father of the Bride house!”

Woodway is a small, residential community near Edmonds.  It’s true to it’s town logo “The Quiet Place”.  It’s private, beautiful and just minutes from the Puget Sound.

I know I have my work cut out for me yet again, but the bones of this home are absolutely gorgeous.  The multitude of wood doors and windows, cedar shake roof and wood shingled sidings are at the top of my favorite things list.


Both of my kids rooms have these dreamy closets.  I could live in this little closet!

We have a great detached stable/barn for storage.  I see a dog in our future…


The home has been remodeled over the years but has so much more potential.  I can hardly wait to put my design hat on and make this house our own.  We’ll be remodeling in phases and sharing before and after photos along the way.


In the meantime, our new home needs a name.  What do you think?!

A.)  The Woodway House

B.) Keller Colonial

C.) Woodway Colonial

D.) You Pick


54 thoughts on “Hello Woodway

  1. So beautiful. I love woodway. My hubby grew up in tha area:) his parents still live there. ? enjoy your beautiful new home!! I like B??

  2. So beautiful. I love woodway. My hubby grew up in tha area:) his parents still live there. ? enjoy your beautiful new home!! I like B??

  3. I walk by this house all the time! Father of the Bride house for sure! You will love this community and all that surrounds it. You’ll hear the train whistle at night sometimes along with the ferry horn. You will come to love those sounds. Congrats on your next adventure and chapter. Happy to hear of a southern locale for a new bake shop! Btw.. I would choose B!

  4. The Keller Cottage. What a beautiful home! You’ll absolutely love Woodway, and Edmonds ( where I live)is just minutes away. Will your second bake shop location be in downtown Edmonds by chance?

  5. When I saw the picture on Instagram I thought, Father of the Bride! I say B! We’ve done several remodels and 2 new builds. I hear you about the work and stress, but it’s so worth it! Congrats! Beautiful!

  6. Breathtaking!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of the father of the bride home too! I’m excited to think there could be a Jenny Cookies closer to me soon! My vote is Keller Colonial in keeping with tradition of Keller Farmhouse.

  7. Yay!!! Congratulations Jenny!! You’ll love it here in Edmonds Woodway!! We’re neighbors! I can’t wait to see where you put your next bake shop. Sounds like it’s going to be close!

  8. Okay. Keller Colonial has a great ring to it but under no circumstance is anyone allowed to spell it Keller Kolonial!!! Congrats!

  9. Congrats! Woodway is so cute! We live in Edmonds and LOVE IT!! I think a jennis cookies bake shop will fit in LOVELY up here and so AMAZING!! Can’t wait… and welcome to the neighborhood

  10. Jenny, I love Woodway. It’s beautiful! My vote is Keller Colonial. I will miss you being just up the street.

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