February 13, 2013

Classroom Valentines & Minted giveaway!

For Ally and Hudson’s class valentines this year, we went with what else but sugar cookies. Minted has the most darling stationary, from invitations, party decor, thank you cards, and everything else in between. I discovered their adorable line of gift tags and thought they’d be perfect to tie on to each cookie. Ally and Hudson chose their favorites, so we ended up with a red elephant saying “I’m nuts for you” and a pirate saying “me hearty belongs to you” (my fav, and SO Hudson).

I gotta say, they turned out pretty cute. Ally and Hudson can hardly wait for their classroom parties to hand out their treats! And who could order just the gift tags with so many adorable Valentine photo cards staring you in the face. After looking at every card and debating which one was the cutest (good luck with that), we chose this one.

You may have already chosen your child’s valentine, but there is always a birthday party, wedding, graduation party or baby shower on the horizon. Here’s where it gets good. Minted is giving away a $100 gift certificate to one lucky Jenny Cookies reader.

Here’s how to enter:
6 ways to enter! Each person can leave up to 6 separate comments if they do all the tasks listed below. The more tasks you complete- the more comments you can make- the higher your chances are of winning!

1. “LIKE” the Jenny Cookies Facebook page, and come back and leave a comment saying you did so.

2. Follow Jenny Cookies on Twitter and come back and leave a comment saying you did so.

3. Facebook, tweet or blog about this giveaway, then come back here and leave a comment saying you did so.

4. “LIKE” Minted on Facebook and come back and leave a comment saying you did so.

5. Follow Minted on Twitter and come back and leave a comment saying you did so.

6. Follow Jenny Cookies on Instagram and come back and leave a comment saying you did so.

Include in your comment whose classroom Valentine you like better, Ally’s elephants or Hudson’s pirates. Arrr!

Good luck! Giveaway ends Wednesday, February 20th at 11:59 PST. Winner will be chosen at random and announced the following day.

66 thoughts on “Classroom Valentines & Minted giveaway!

  1. Kirstie Hunskor said:

    I liked Jenny Cookies (yum!) and Minted (super cute!) both on FB. Loving me some of those elephant cookies! Great job to both companies. A perfect fit!

  2. Christina said:

    Liked Jennycookies! I have a boy and love Hudson’s Valentina’s!

  3. Christina said:

    Liked minted, elephants are super cute too!

  4. Christina said:

    Shared on Facebook!

  5. Christina said:

    Followed jennycookies on Instagram!

  6. Kelsey Haugen said:

    Liked both on Facebook, followed both on Twitter and followed Jenny Cookies on Instagram! Both cookies are ADORABLE, but I have to go with the elephants!

  7. sharee Smith said:

    I loveed takib Friday her class a couple years ago, she was super nice.

  8. Angie Thomspon said:

    I liked both companies on Facebook. I tried to “share” the giveaway but it doesn’t have a “share button” for your link. Both cookies look adorable but i’m going to have to go with the elephant.

  9. Amy Odle said:

    I like Jennycookies Instagram and Facebook page and I shared it on Facebook. I love Ally’s elephants!

  10. Barbara Jones said:

    liked Mint & jennycookies on fb. Loved the elephant cookies. This is my FAVORITE blog, and I am always excited about new posts!!!

  11. Bianca Andrea said:

    I am a fan of Jenny Cookies on FB!

  12. Bianca Andrea said:

    I also follow on twitter!

  13. Bianca Andrea said:

    I shared on FB!

  14. Bianca Andrea said:

    I am a fan of Minted on FB!

  15. Bianca Andrea said:

    I follow Minted on twitter!

  16. Bianca Andrea said:

    I follow Jenny Cookies on Instgram and my favorite are the cute Elephants Ally is giving out :)

  17. Danielle T said:

    i like jennys cookies on fb (name is realia mazing)

  18. Danielle T said:

    i like minted on fb too

  19. ashlee said:

    i liked jenny cookies on facebook!

  20. ashlee21_@hotmail.com said:

    already following @jennycookies on twitter – LOVE Ally’s elephants :)

  21. ashlee21_@hotmail.com said:

    i tweeted about the giveaway!

  22. ashlee21_@hotmail.com said:

    i liked minted on facebook!

  23. ashlee21_@hotmail.com said:

    now following minted on twitter too!

  24. ashlee21_@hotmail.com said:

    and i was already following @jennycookies on instagram…that is alot of comments :)

    happy valentine’s day!

  25. Vera K said:

    I like the Jenny Cookies Facebook page.

  26. Vera K said:

    I liked Minted on Facebook.

  27. Matilda Valadez said:

    I liked all the pages and gave you a “shout out”. I think your amazing and am still dying to try your cookies!! My favorite was the elephant cookies! Love the tag on it! Love, matilda

  28. Joyce said:

    Liked jenny cookies!!! I think I love both the elephant and the pirate cookies!! Very cute ideas!!

  29. Hanna said:

    I follow you on Twitter. These Valentines are adorable!

  30. Hanna said:

    I like Minted on Facebook. They have such great stuff!

  31. Hanna said:

    I follow Minted on Twitter too. Have a great weekend!

  32. Hanna said:

    I like your Facebook page. You have so many great ideas!!

  33. Rebecca Chouinard said:

    I loved Ally’s elephants. They were both too cute though, as usual :)

  34. Both Valentines are ridiculously cute, I think Ally’s were my fav. Just because the saying was so darn sweet!

  35. Julie said:

    like u on fb Julie AScott Laws

  36. Julie said:

    like minted fb Julie A Scott Laws

  37. Julie said:

    shared on fb Julie A Scott Laws
    like the pirates

  38. ReAnna Wade said:

    I liked jenny cookies on facebook.

  39. ReAnna Wade said:

    I followed @jennycookies my twitter is @caterpillargurl

  40. ReAnna Wade said:

    I liked Minted on facebook. I would chose Ally’s Elephants so adorable!

  41. ReAnna Wade said:

    I followed @Minted on twitter my twitter is @caterpillargurl

  42. Rebecca Chouinard said:

    I “liked” Minted on Facebook! :)

  43. Rebecca Chouinard said:

    I “liked” the Jenny Cookies Facebook page!

  44. Rebecca Chouinard said:

    I follow Jenny Cookies on Twitter :) @beckybe18

  45. Rebecca Chouinard said:

    And my favorite, I follow Jenny Cookies on Instagram!

  46. Elise Hughes said:

    I “liked” Jenny Cookies on Facebook!!!

  47. Elise Hughes said:

    I already follow Jenny Cookies on Twitter…so I made my husband follow her too!!! Now I better step up my baking ;)

  48. Elise Hughes said:

    I like Mined on Facebook now!! Whoop

  49. Elise Hughes said:

    I follow Minted on Twitter now!!!

  50. Elise Hughes said:

    I follow Jenny Cookies on Instagram now!!!

  51. Elise Hughes said:

    I shared my Valentine postcards I made on Minted on my FB & told my friends to checkout this giveaway!!!!

  52. Elise Hughes said:

    My son says he likes the pirate cookies!!!! I like the elephants… What a great idea!!!!!

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