Be Mine | Vintage Valentine Dessert Table

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.  All the hearts, the red and pink, the classic conversation hearts, and all the love that’s in the air.  So fun.  But my favorite is the vintage valentines.  I love, love, love vintage valentines.

So last year, while Dan watched the Superbowl, I baked and set up a fun Valentine’s Day cookie decorating table, vintage valentine themed.  I invited a couple of my friends and their children over for a heart shaped pizza lunch and an afternoon of buttercream icing and sprinkles.


6 thoughts on “Be Mine | Vintage Valentine Dessert Table

  1. Those little jars are adorbs! How are the straws inserted into the kids? I see a hole but can’t make out what it looks like or how it was done.
    Thank you for sharing, love LOVE love it all!!

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