Peter Pan Birthday Party

My sweet little Hudson turned 4 a few weeks ago, which I can still hardly believe. FOUR? My baby is FOUR? That not only makes me feel old, but also a little sad that he’s growing up so fast.

We celebrated Hudson’s fourth birthday by throwing him a Peter Pan party. He was thrilled with his invitations we sent out in bottles, and could hardly wait to wear his Peter Pan costume. He was a little disappointed though when he discovered the costume didn’t make him fly. Trust me, he tried jumping off the bed. (Thank goodness it was just the bed.)

The first few years of our children’s birthday parties, my husband would frown, roll his eyes, and think I was out of control. We don’t fight very often, but it was a given that we’d land ourselves in a fight the night before one of our children’s birthday parties. I’d be stressing over all the last minute things I needed to get done, and he’d be annoyed wishing his wife would just come to bed like a normal person. Miraculously though, after six years of over the top parties he’s had a change of heart and has really gotten into it. So this year I just about died when he suggested he dress up as Captain Hook. WHAT?? So the Kellers became Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Wendy Darling, and Princess Tigerlily for Hudson’s big day.

His party took place on the beach at Kayak Point State Park. We woke up to rainclouds and sprinkles but by the time we got out to the beach the rain had stopped and the sun was shining. It was a birthday miracle. (If you know me, it rains about 75% of the time I’m planning an outdoor party.)

The kids had a blast at the beach. They had a Peter Pan picnic on a pirate ship table, dug for buried treasure, sword fought mean Captain Hook, had their faces painted, and of course ate more sugar than their parents would have agreed to.

After the party was over, everything was cleaned up and we were finally driving away, Ally said from the backseat of the car “Mommy, that was the best party you ever did!” Hudson chimed in and said “I want to have my party there next year too!”

Those sweet little comments make every ounce of work worth it. Sitting in their car seats, Ally wearing green fairy wings and a face covered in pixie paint, and Hudson with crazy messy hair, a body covered in sand and black lips from too many pirate cake pops, both beyond exhausted from all the fun. That’s my definition of a party success.


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23 thoughts on “Peter Pan Birthday Party

  1. so fabulous, as always, jenny! you guys look so cute. i can’t imagine my hubby ever suggesting that. he just knows to stay quiet or help at this point. your details are amazing! (i’m incorporating a little Pan into my son’s next birthday, so great inspiration, thank you!)

  2. Oh, Jennie, once again you have done it up! I hope your business is booming! Rachel and I will always be two of your biggest fans! 😉

  3. Adore every last detail of this party!!!! My son is having a peter pan first birthday party. Where did you find your invites?

  4. felicitaciones!!!
    es la mejor fiesta tematica que he visto,todo es super bonito y cojere varias ideas para el cumple de mis hijos…Dios los bendiga

  5. Amazing job. You need to set up a Youtube channel and start putting up some quick 1 minute videos on the parties you do. Pictures are great but video would be so nice to hear you sell your service and feel the whole event. WONDERFUL WORK. Iwill tell my friends looking for your type of service. Thanks to the Disney Food Blog for letting me stumble across you !

  6. Wonderful details. We are expecting a boy in Feb and are planning on setting up the nursery and the theme of the baby shower as Peter Pan. Can I ask you where you found all the trinkets, flags and decorations. I cant seem to locate anything. Thanks!

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