June 6, 2012

Simone Masterson-Horn turns 2!

Can’t believe a whole year has already passed since Simone’s 1st Birthday at the Santa Monica Pier Carousel. Sweet Simone is now 2, and as darling as ever.

We celebrated her 2nd birthday with all things pink and purple. From the ruffled ombre’ pink and purple cake, purple sugared cake pops, to #2 polka dotted sugar cookies, guests enjoyed the party on a sugar high.

Thank you Bill and Scout for including me in such a special event! Simone is one lucky little girl to be surrounded with so much love.

Photos: Frances Iacuzzi Photography & Jenny Keller

5 thoughts on “Simone Masterson-Horn turns 2!

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  2. Kelly said:


    Was wondering where you found that number 2 candle? Its fabulous!!! My daughter is turning two in june and was looking for something similar. Thanks.

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  5. I wanted to know if can share the recipe to the rice crispy treats. I would like to make this for my daughters baby shower.

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