July 6, 2011

happy 4th!

A couple days before the 4th of July, Dan and I decided to host a BBQ. I forgot how much I love this holiday! The colors, the weather, the food, the family and friends, it’s a perfect combination.





































Amazing flowers by: Stadium Flowers

23 thoughts on “happy 4th!

  1. Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line said:

    gorgeous pictures! 4th of July Americana at its finest!

  2. Meghan @ Domestic Sugar said:

    This is just beautiful. I love how you incorporated kid friendly activities, and then took great photos!

  3. { L } said:

    Wow, wow! Every photo is complete perfection. What a captivating event.

  4. Becki D. said:

    Your parties are just absolutely gorgeous! I can't imagine how much time it must take to do something like that…all the goodie decorating – gads! Stunning though….wow!

  5. Linda Q said:

    Awesome 4th photos and now I see what amazing things you do! Way cool!
    Nice to see you today at Sasafrass & Company!

  6. Anonymous said:

    Where did you find the lids for the mason jars?

  7. Ashley Knowles said:

    I love the drink station. Where did you find the red cart?

  8. francine Scott said:

    Just fabulous!

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  14. REALLY!!??!! How amazing!! Loved every picture! Every idea! Great job, great blog!
    Thanks for spectacular ideas!

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