June 25, 2011

it’s wedding season!






17 thoughts on “it’s wedding season!

  1. Rena Bell said:

    I would like to order some cookies and I am interested in the wedding dress cookie with maybe a silver instead of gold band around it. Do you ship the cookies and if so can you please quote me a price.

    Thank you.

    Rena Bell

    • Maryrose Babino said:

      I would like to order some cookies for a wedding shower. Can you give me an idea of cost. thanks

      • Maryrose Babino said:

        I would like to order the wedding dress cookie with the gold belt. I would like to know what the cost is. I would like to have them for a bridal shower in June 2014.

  2. Hey! I’ve a question. Which kind of topping did you use fot the dresses? Is this Royal Icing?

    Thank you soooo much,

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  4. Molly Kauffmans said:

    Hi! My cousin is getting married and I am throwing her a bridal shower and I came across your cookies on Pintrest and fell in LOVE! I throw showers a lot so instead of buying the cookies, I was going to try to recreate them. Just one question, How do you get the dress shape? Thanks!

    • Briana said:

      Hey Molly,

      I replicated them too for my shower. I found the dress shaped cookie cutter at Joann’s. The craft store.

  5. Maria said:

    I would like to know the price of the wedding dress cookies. Also, if they are shipped out and what time frame would you need?



  6. Tiffany Gruidl said:

    I’m in love with the wedding gown cookies!! Can you please send information on where to get the cookie cut out and what type of icing you used? Thanks!

  7. Jessica Kelly said:

    I was interested in the wedding dress cookies. I am wondering the price and if you would ship them out?

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  9. Kathy steen said:

    Was interested in wedding cake cookies. Need price and wondering if you can ship them and how much time do you need for order.

  10. Doreen said:

    I am interested in the wedding cake cookies. I need a price and how much time to order.

  11. Carol welch said:

    I would live to order cookies

  12. Jodi McGuire said:

    How much are the wedding dress cookies and how do you ship them? So cute!! Thanks!

  13. Cindy Gran said:

    I would like to order some of the wedding cake cookies.

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