Ally’s 5th Birthday

My daughter turned 5 a few weeks ago. 5. It still blows my mind. Where did 5 years go? We debated having either a Cinderella Wedding party (her all time love) or an owl party. Owls won.

I had a busy December. Cookie orders coming out my ears, a Gingerbread party at our house, Christmas at our house, and two weeks after..Ally’s birthday. There was a lot going on. First up was the venue search. Let’s just say the Snohomish County area is in a dire need of party venues. I’ve wanted to open an event/party/wedding venue since I got married 7 years ago…this search confirmed the dream. Aside from bouncy house places and your typical roller rink/children’s museums..there’s NOTHING for parties. Let me back up. There are places to rent…FOR A WEDDING..which means you’ll be paying wedding prices. No thanks. So I searched. I searched from Bellingham to Seattle. Every hall, barn, room, warehouse you could find. Negative.

Right as I was about to settle on a place I wasn’t crazy for, I found A Country Location from a google search. A hidden little gem! I’ve lived in this same area forever and never knew about it. And who would. You drive past house after house until voila, the most darling barn, absolutely perfect for an owl party. Done.

Invites. I’m a firm believer that an invitation sets the stage for a party. Thank Goodness I found Sara a few years ago. Sara is amazing. A friend referred me to her etsy shop and now, even though we’ve never met in person, I totally feel like we’re friends. She has worked with me on every invite, christmas card, thank you card, label, sticker, name it…for the past two years. And when I say work with me, I mean we’ve gone back and forth 80 times on a single project. She’s patient. She accepts crazy, over the top, picky me. She created Ally’s flamingo invite last year where I wanted the flamingo’s legs to be in the shape of a 4, Hudson’s Sesame Street invite when I wanted a Sesame Street theme but no character/commercialized look, a shower invite to resemble PBK’s Lambie bedding, a vintage/retro family Christmas card, even wedding invites and programs, all after 50 back and forth emails a piece. She gets it.

For this years invite I was inspired by Ally’s PBK bedding. Green gingham, bright pink polka dots, brown polka dots, floral patterns and of course owls. I added a swing in the tree because Ally had gotten it in her head that she wanted a cake with a swing. Silly girl. But ok.

Ally was an owl for Halloween with the sweetest little costume from PBK. I took the wings of her costume over to my friend Elaine, of The Pickie Needle. Elaine can do/make/replicate anything. Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier wedding gowns, done. Owl wings would be a breeze. She took Ally’s costume and made the most darling set of wings for each child coming to the party. Owl wings, check.

I bought white plastic masks and feathers at Michaels and had planned on the kids making their own masks at the party. But after a failed adult attempt at one, that idea went out the window. Thankfully, my Aunt Susan said she’d be more than happy to make the kids masks out of felt. They were Adorable. And an entire yard of felt costs only 2.99. It’s like free.

After all the details, decorations and desserts, I can’t justify using plastic tablecloths. Lucky me, I found brown table cloths on clearance at Target for $5/each. Kinda plain, but I had bought some pink tulle panels at PBK on sale for $4.97-40%. I thought they could be sewn around the hem of the tablecloths to add a little something girly. My friend Lorelei offered, and in addition ALSO sewed on the cutest polka dots in green gingham, pink polka dot, brown polka dot and pink floral fabric. Absolutely Perfect.

I spent two nights making tissue poms and tulle balls. It’s a chore. But so rewarding when you finally get them open and they just smile back at you. I love them. After the poms I cut felt circles. You’d think after Hudson’s party I’d be sick of the felt cutting. No, I found something different to do with the felt. Line up a bunch of felt circles, sew through each one and you’ll have the cutest garland. Again, a big thanks to Aunt Susan for seeing spots after sewing all those together for me.

A few days before Ally’s party I glanced at my dining room and saw a very clear resemblance between Ally’s party goodies and everything I packed to take to my wedding 7 years ago. Seeing that I’m only one person, I needed help. Help getting it to the venue and help setting up. Thank goodness for my mom, queen of retail floor sets and visuals combined with my get-it-done friend Wendy, they single handedly hung all the tissue balls, paper lanterns, tulle balls, and garland while the rest of my friends (Lorelei, Hailey, Naomi, Naz and Emily) set up everything else. It was pretty nice, I just ran around and directed everyone. Go team.

We got it all done just as guests were arrving. The party was a blast. The kids had a great time painting ceramic owls, making pinecone owls, playing musical chairs and fly the owl to the tree. We sent each kid home with enough goodies to have their own personal owl party.

It really was a hoot.

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47 thoughts on “Ally’s 5th Birthday

  1. This is wonderful! I am your newest follower. I came over from Kara's party ideas. You have such a great eye for detail! Can't wait to big through the rest of the blog 🙂

  2. Holy Sheep! This party makes me want to cry tears of joy. I need that centerpiece this instant and I plan to be pouty and moody until I can get my hands on it.

  3. What a stunning, fun party! I am creating my nephew's Milk and Cookie 2nd birthday party. I have been looking for those brown and white polka dot candy cups..I want to serve individual sevings of icecream in them. Could you tell me where you bought them? Thanks! cindy

  4. Just found you via Kara's Party Ideas and oh my goodness! What an adorable party!

    I love the hanging centerpiece over the dessert table and especially the cupcake liner garland!

    What a lucky little girl!

  5. You are amazing! That is the most lovely party I have ever seen! I adore the cake and the little marshmallow cupcake sticks… oh and the owl cake pops, of and the wooden cake stands on the table, and the well everything. Divine! It must have taken you days and days and days, and hours of patience, just wonderful…
    Jane x

  6. Holy freaking cow! That party is awesome. I am planning my daughter's 1st birthday roughly around an owl theme… I wish it could be as awesome as yours! I especially love the felt owl masks. So cute.

    Great job!

  7. I'm going to follow you because if you did this, your stuff must be amazing ²²²
    I loved everything in this party!

  8. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I am having an owl party for my little girl too! Can you please share where you bought the owl banks to paint?

  9. Jenny, I just saw this on Southern Belle's Charm and had to pop on over for myself to take a look and this is just so very beautiful, I can't pick what I like best, it is all so lovely. I followed your blog and am off to check out the rest of it now:) Jane (

  10. This is the cutest kids party ever!!! The arrangement over the dessert table is just gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing the pictures. Your blog is beautiful!!
    Laura xoxo

  11. This is ADORABLE! Did you make the owl costumes or get them from someone… basically I'm looking for either a pattern or somewhere to get a few for my little owl. (

  12. This looks like a million dollar party! Amazing! A friend of mine is planning an olw birthday for her 1 yr old. I might just have to help out with some owl wings for the kiddos! This is great!

  13. Hi Jenny! I have never seen such wonderfully consistent work in my LIFE! You do BEAUTIFUL work with Frosting!! Your decorating skills are also to die for. I am the one who asked Tori to correct the @ so I could find out more about you. I know how long this art takes, so hats off to you!

  14. OH MY GOD! This is the coolest thing I have EVER seen! You are SO talented, Jenny, these pictures gives me goosebumps all over. Everything is just.. beyond perfect, down to the smallest detail. Wow..! 🙂

  15. LOVE the party!!! Looks amazing!!! Can I ask where you got the ball lanterns?! I've been looking for them and can't find them anywhere!!


  16. Love love love this party! I’m doing an owl party for my 1 year old & have been looking for owl masks . . .can you tell me how you made yours??

  17. I stumbled upon this page while searching for inspiration for my 2 year old’s owl themed party and didn’t expect to see the most amazing party I can ever imagine. It is not just pretty but cold like portfolios of many party planners, but also very real and fun with lots of laughter.

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