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Valentine's Day Candy Bar Card

After seeing tons of nostalgic candies on a recent stroll through Lolli and Pops, I remembered the old school candy bar cards.  With Valentine’s Day just days away, I knew this would be something my kids would love to do!


Start by jotting down your Valentine greeting on a scratch paper, making a draft of your message. The sillier the better!


When you’ve completed your cheesy candy bar card greeting, lay candies out on poster board to ensure you have enough room for everything. Once you confirm enough space on your card, tape candy down with double sided tape.


Fill in card with your message using fun markers and pens.


I was really impressed with Hudson’s card he made for my mom (grandma).  He did it all on his own and came up with some really cute sentences!


Ally made two cards, one for each of her best friends.  She did a great job!


Once your cards are completed, you can add extra drawings, stickers or just leave them as is! These cards are fun for any occasion, not just Valentine’s Day.

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