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Mall Madness Birthday Party

The mall was the obvious “venue” for Ally’s 12th birthday.  I had a game growing up called Mall Madness (total 80’s child) that felt like just the right theme for her party.  I don’t remember the object of the actual game, but for Ally’s birthday, Mall Madness it was.


To prep for the “party”, I made a list of Ally’s favorite stores at the mall and then came up with clues to each store.


Each clue provided a treat, either a small gift card to pick something out or little gift once at the store. I handed out the first clue which led them to the beauty counter at Nordstrom for a mini (12 year old appropriate) make-up sesh.


Clue #2 delivered a pick-me-up surprise, a visit to Starbucks. After frappuccinos and cake pops, the girls were ready for their next clue.


Clue #3 led them to American Eagle where a little jewelry and fragrance gift was waiting and clue #4 was simple to solve, Lush!  Each girl was given a gift card to pick out a bath bomb, soap or scrub.


Clue #5 allotted us a candy break!  If you haven’t visited Lolli and Pops, run!  I have introduced several friends to this store and they become quickly obsessed.  They have every candy you could ever dream of and more.


Our last clue led us to Ally’s favorite store, Bath and Body Works. The girls LOVED picking out candles, soaps and other smelly goodies.


After all the shopping excitement, I surprised the girls with lunch at the Sugar Factory. I hope this gives you a great framework for planning your next mall madness birthday party!

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