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Cactus Party | How To Make Terrariums

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to gather my girlfriends to celebrate with a special lunch at my home. Plus, I’ve been dying for a reason to throw a Cactus themed party, so it was a win win.


We’ve been so lucky with a gorgeous spring here in Seattle, I was able to set everything on my back porch.


To get my deck party ready, I added coordinating pillows to my outdoor furniture. I’d been eying Minted’s cactus fabric and this was the perfect opportunity to use it! Their fabric is sold by the yard so the uses and ideas are endless. I thought sewing the fabric into pillow covers would be darling and then I’d mixed in solid green and black and white striped pillows I already had. To really bring in the cactus I had So Vintage Chic custom make an accent pillow with the definition of a cactus. I thought it was a really cool definition and brought all the pillows together. She did an amazing job!

Cactus Party | how to make terrariums | spring party ideas | summer party ideas | ladies get together ideas | women's event ideas || JennyCookies.com #ladiesparty #terrariums #summerparty



Fireplaces, spring and cactus feel like the most unrelated things, but I added these Minted Cactus prints and potted succulents to tie them all together. I think it worked!





Cactus Party | how to make terrariums | spring party ideas | summer party ideas | ladies get together ideas | women's event ideas || JennyCookies.com #ladiesparty #terrariums #summerparty

Since there were only four of us, no need for a full dessert spread.  I made a simple naked cake topped with succulents and greenery.  And no party is complete without sugar cookies.  These were SO simple to make using my latest buttercream dipping technique.  (Go HERE if you haven’t tried it..you’ll be amazed!)

Cactus Party | how to make terrariums | spring party ideas | summer party ideas | ladies get together ideas | women's event ideas || JennyCookies.com #ladiesparty #terrariums #summerparty



Cactus Party | how to make terrariums | spring party ideas | summer party ideas | ladies get together ideas | women's event ideas || JennyCookies.com #ladiesparty #terrariums #summerparty




For lunch we had taco salads with fresh guacamole, sauteed peppers, corn, ground chicken and a splash of lime.  Simple to put together and so good! (Note the napkins made from Minted’s cactus fabric scraps!)



Cactus Party | how to make terrariums | spring party ideas | summer party ideas | ladies get together ideas | women's event ideas || JennyCookies.com #ladiesparty #terrariums #summerparty

While scouring the internet for all things cactus, I found these cactus cups in a small and large size on Amazon. I ordered both immediately! Such a great price and both are really heavy duty. I’ll be sipping iced tea from them all summer.

Cactus Party | how to make terrariums | spring party ideas | summer party ideas | ladies get together ideas | women's event ideas || JennyCookies.com #ladiesparty #terrariums #summerparty


I wanted to treat my girlfriends to a few of my favorite things as a surprise.  I found these Hey Mama bags on Instagram from Hello Totes and had to have them for my ladies lunch! Plus these are amazing Mother’s Day ideas if you are still looking for that perfect gift to give (or to get..just direct your husband to this blog post!)

Spoiler Alert: Don’t miss the end of this post to see how YOU can win these goodies!!


Have you ever had a product that was so pretty you almost didn’t want to use it?  Like you want to save it for a special occasion?  I feel this way about IllumeIllume makes some of my favorite candles, lotions, bath salts and scents.  Each product line is unique and beautifully packaged.  I had to include their Cactus Verde line in my Mother’s Day gift.  It smells SO good, I literally can’t pass my bathroom without spritzing a little more of the perfume on.



And if you know me, you know I live in my Yosi Samra flats.  I have way too many pairs, but you can never have enough!  They are hands down the most comfortable flat I’ve ever worn.  They’re a MUST HAVE for us busy moms! Doesn’t this style make you think of cacti?


There is nothing more luxurious than thick, foil pressed and personalized stationary.  I live for thick cardstock and add gold foil to that?  THE BEST.  I gave each friend a personalized set from Minted’s Desert Stripes line.



Once everyone ate, we worked our way over to my outdoor dining table where I had prepared everything we needed to make DIY Terrariums.  I love having an activity when I host parties.  It’s so relaxing and fun to work on something while you chat!


I ordered a huge variety of cactus and succulents from San Pedro Cactus on Etsy.  Who knew you could order cactus on Etsy?!  Now you know.  And it’s much more affordable than purchasing at a big box home improvement store, like a fraction of the price.


I found glass terrariums at Target and ordered the rest of the supplies from Amazon.  I gave everyone a quick terrarium tutorial and we got to work!


Cactus Party | how to make terrariums | spring party ideas | summer party ideas | ladies get together ideas | women's event ideas || JennyCookies.com #ladiesparty #terrariums #summerparty

Cactus Party | how to make terrariums | spring party ideas | summer party ideas | ladies get together ideas | women's event ideas || JennyCookies.com #ladiesparty #terrariums #summerparty

Cactus Party | how to make terrariums | spring party ideas | summer party ideas | ladies get together ideas | women's event ideas || JennyCookies.com #ladiesparty #terrariums #summerparty




Cactus Party | how to make terrariums | spring party ideas | summer party ideas | ladies get together ideas | women's event ideas || JennyCookies.com #ladiesparty #terrariums #summerparty

They turned out way cuter than I ever imagined.  I absolutely love mine!  My love for cactus and succulents just grew three times larger.  These are the easiest plants to care for AND they make the cutest gifts!

Watch below to learn how to make your own terrarium!

Materials needed:

Glass Hanging Terrariums

Glass Terrarium

Cactus/Succulent Soil



Decorative Moss 

And now the good stuff:
Enter to WIN a Mother’s Day gift bag from our cactus lunch below!
Valued at over $300!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Photos and Video by KCB Photography


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  1. while i love everything, i’ve been really into coordinating napkins – so the cactus fabric ones are perfect!

  2. I just love everything! SO glad I found your site……where did you get your wicker patio furniture?

  3. Jennifer Huff says:

    I saw those terrariums at Target and fell in love with them! I love that you included a video for us! Am I allowed to say my favorite thing is EVERYTHING!? Because… It is everything. 😉

  4. chrissy melsheimer says:

    I have been loving succulents lately also. The bag of goodies looks great!

  5. Chante mangold says:

    Love this theme! Everything matched so well! Im going to be making some terrariums for sure now!

  6. Brianna Barbieri says:

    Love the terrariums! Great teacher gift! Thank you!

    1. Andrea Chrisitianson says:

      I also love the naked cake! I would love to make it for my best friends 40th birthday, do you have a recipe or instructions for it? Also where did you get the dark brown pots?

  7. Such a fun theme! Inspired me to spruce up my daughter’s fairy garden with some succulents. Thank you!

  8. Stephanie says:

    I am loving the naked cake, especially with the succulents. I’m embarrassed to say I’m making myself one for Mother’s Day!

  9. Kalinah Gebril says:

    Love all the fun ideas for this Mother’s Day. The salads looked amazing! All such awesome ideas!!

  10. Loved that you made potted plants together. I also love the idea of getting your girls together for some fun!

  11. Stephanie Mizell says:

    Love! I’m always so impressed with your ideas! You are amazing!

  12. Such a beautiful party & a generous giveaway! I especially liked how you coordinated the pillows and napkins.

  13. Love the gathering with your girls idea! Sometimes we just need to relax and catch up and especially with a party! <3

  14. Kimber Hagans says:

    Darling par~tay! Just made your Cacti cake pops from your ah~mazing Eat More Desserts book (using cake pop recipe)!
    Not as cute as yours, although they tasted DELISH! Will try again, just love all your inspiration!!! You truly make it seem doable, and also affordable!!!!!

  15. Might just have to try putting together some succulents in glass hanging containers. Cactus cups are cute too!

  16. Sonia Gates says:

    I love the terrariums, the pillows and the flats the most…but truly love every detail of this party.

  17. Clarissa Kulovitz says:

    I’m so glad I found your blog. Everything you do is amazing! You think of every last detail to really make a party special and unique. I think I’m going to be stealing this entire idea. Thank you for sharing!

  18. Love all the naked cakes I’ve been seeing lately… There’s something beautiful about simplicity. Love all your parties and treat tables, Jenny!

  19. Jenny never ceases to amaze me. I am a huge DIY fan and LOVE these succulent and cactus terrariums. Great job Jenny!

  20. Liza Davila says:

    I love the theme of the party but my favorite parts where the cute cactus as decoration and the Hey Mama tote. I’m so into tote bags at the moment. Is a great way to present a gift and reuse it over and over.

  21. I have been wanting to do some succulant plantings and this is definitely inspiring. Loved the shoes!!

  22. The terrariums are amazing!! I love the color scheme and detail. You have me captivated.

  23. I would love to hear a blog post breaking down how you (specifically) plan for a lunch or party! all the steps leading up to the party sound so interesting! It would be neat to write a blog post about how you work your magic behind the scenes!

    🙂 morgan your biggest fan!

  24. What a wonderful way to spend time with friends AND encourage them as mothers. I always appreciate being encouraged as a mom- it’s the most important job I’ll ever have! I have been contemplating the Yosi Samra flats as the TIeks are just so expensive. Have you tried the Tieks at all? If you have- how do they compare?

  25. Lorrie Orozco says:

    Love seeing your ideas and the crafts you do with your friends!

  26. I love how every little detail of the party coordinates…right down to the pillows!

  27. Love the succulents! I’ve ordered the air plant terrariums from JuicyKits and had good luck with them 🙂

  28. i love that you had an entire girls lunch themed around succulents and cacti! My favorite thing is probably the fact that you and your friends have ladies lunches… I need to start that in my group

  29. I adore this, girlfriends doing lunch and gifts for mom. My favorite thing is how cute the succulents look in the hanging terrariums. You have the best ideas. I love how easy to follow your u-tube videos are. Thank you for sharing your talents with us

  30. It’s a hard call! I love the cactus pillow, the bags and the cute cactus cookies! Everything is SO cute!

  31. I love succulents!! I threw a favorite things party using yours for inspiration and my favorite thing I brought was succulents! Everyone thought they were part of the decor though ???? thanks for the fun giveaway!

  32. Priscilla Torres says:

    What an amazing idea, so practical and yet so chic.

  33. I really love the hanging glass terrarium with those pretty succulent! What a beautiful touch!

  34. The color palate is so fresh and crisp! Once again I can’t wait to have another Jenny-inspired party!

  35. This is beautiful….love all of it. Your work is amazing. My girlfriends would love to come to this.
    Thanks for the great ideas.

  36. i can’t just pick one thing I love everything about this party????

  37. Beautiful…as usual! I love your site, your youtube channel, your book. Keep doing what you do!

  38. Tina Dahl says:

    Love all the ideas Jenny, especially the lovely naked cake!

  39. Stephanie payne says:

    Love this! I always love seeing how you style your different events! I always envy those who get to attend! 😉

  40. I love the color scheme of this! Everything is gorgeous, especially the naked cake!! ????

  41. Wow!! This giveaway is awesome!!!! Love your blog Jenny. Keep up the great work.

  42. Your ability to coordinate every detail of parties is quite remarkable. So fun! I love Keller farm.

  43. This is the cutest theme party, maybe ever. It would work for so many events. I love your 3 tiered yellow rolling cart and have been on the lookout for one that is affordable. Thanks for all of the inspiration! 🙂

  44. Love the tote bags, but my favourite detail would have to be the coordinating flats of course! 🙂 Peronalized and thoughtful/ hidden details are always my favourite part!

  45. I love your blog! You are always my party muse when I host a gathering! I love having a theme that coordinates the paperware and an amazing cake made by my friend. But I always have to have something that stands out like fun glassware or uniquely serving something ordinary! And my bar Cart, that is always incorporated somehow??

  46. Absolutely a dream party, love everything about it and especially those shoes!!!!!

  47. Shannon Shea Volpe says:

    I love this idea! I just bought one of these. I could totally do this w my friends!

  48. Sarah Krekow says:

    Have always wanted to try YSflats! They look so comfy!!

  49. My favorite detail about the party is the cactus and terrarium – they make me think of phoenix and I miss the “sunny everyday” part of living there!

  50. Candice Birmingham says:

    Hi Jenny, I love this theme! As usual you did an amazing job! The cake is beautiful. I was wondering if there is a recipe for the cactus that are on the chocolate candy melt stands? What are they made of?
    Thanks for inspiring me everyday! Candice