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E! News: The Bachelor Baby Shower (January 2013)
Extra: Stella McDermott’s 4th Birthday Party (June 2011)
Entertainment Tonight: Santa’s Secret Workshop (December 2012)
The Insider: Santa’s Secret Workshop (December 2011)
Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (December 2011)
Tori and Dean Bonus Act: Cookies and Cupcakes (December 2011)

Print (Book)

celebraTORI by Tori Spelling (April 2012)

Print (Magazine)

Brides Magazine (August 2012)

Seattle Bride (Spring/Summer 2012)

Seattle Metropolitan Bride and Groom (Winter/Spring 2012)

Wedding Nouveau (Winter 2012)

Riley Mesnick’s Super Sweet 1st Birthday Bash (March 2014)
Simone Masterson-Horn 3rd Birthday Bash (June 2013)
Jason & Molly Mesnick’s Chic & Sweet Baby Shower (January 2013)
Celebs Step Out for Santa’s Workshop 2012 (December 2012)
Simone Masterson-Horn 2nd Birthday Bash (June 2012)
Simone Masterson-Horn 1st Birthday Bash (June 2011)
Stella McDermott’s Hello Kitty Style Third Birthday Bash (June 2011)
Tori Spelling and Daughters Enjoy a Girls’ Day Out (December 2011)
E! Online
Molly Mesnick’s Baby Shower (January 2013)
Tori Spelling Throws Slimy Birthday Party (March 2011)
picTORIal: Mad Hattie’s Tea Party (November 2012)
picTORIal: Little Maven Launch Party (October 2012)
Stella’s Hello Kitty Dessert Table (January 2012)
Your 4th of July Pictures (July 2011)
Mary Poppins Guest Dessert Feature (February 2012)
Vintage Firehouse Guest Dessert Feature (September 2011)
Vintage Barn Guest Dessert Feature (August 2011)
Easter Guest Dessert Feature (April 2011)
A Hoot of a Party Guest Dessert Feature (January 2011)

Other Online Media

Bachelor’s Molly Mesnick Celebrates Riley’s 1st Birthday in a Sweet Way (March 2013)
Celebrity Families Attend Santa’s Secret Workshop (Dec 2013)
Babble: Trista and Ryan Sutter Celebrate Blakesley’s 4th Mermaid Birthday Party (May 2013) Show & Tell Q & A Jenny Keller on Dessert Tables (March 2013)
omg! Yahoo!: Look Inside Molly Mesnick’s Baby Shower (January 2013) Nautical West Coast Wedding (February 2012) Cutest Easter Cupcakes for Your Little Bunnies (March 2012) Single Color Party Sensations (May 2012) Local Baker making a name in Hollywood (June 2012) The Guncles Celebrate Simone’s 2nd Birthday, Two Years Just Flew By (June 2012) Spencer Grammer Introduces Emmett At Santa’s Secret Workshop (December 2011) Top Holiday Gifts! Spotted at Santa’s Secret Workshop (December 2011) Marysville baker’s treats adored by Tori Spelling (December 2011) Celebrity Families get Exclusive Invite to Santa’s Secret Workshop (December 2011) Jenny Cookies Bakes and Styles to Perfection (October 2011) Polka Dot Trick-or-Treat Halloween Party (October 2011) Nautical and Nice (Snohomish Style) (August 2011) Yellow and Rustic (August 2011) Vintage Garden Inspiration (September 2011) Tori Spelling a Fan of Marysville Woman’s Treats (November 2010) Ice Cream Shop Wedding Dessert Table (September 2011) Turquoise Tuesday, Sadie & Josh (August 2011) Ruffles & Orange Dreamsicles (July 2011), Vintage Nautical Dessert Spread (July 2011)

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