Jenny Cookies Elf on the Shelf

They’re here!  They’re here!  Buddy and Snowflake arrived at the Keller Farmhouse on Saturday morning, ready for the Holiday Favorite Things Party we were hosting that night.

Buddy and Snowflake are our elves.  They arrive every year the day or two after Thanksgiving, and fly back and forth to the North Pole each night in December reporting to Santa the children’s behavior.  Then on Christmas Eve they fly back to the North Pole until the next year.  It’s a daily reminder for kids… “the elf is watching you…”

There is a part of me that is just beside myself looking forward to all the joy and excitement our elves bring to Ally and Hudson’s little faces, and there’s another part of me that is absolutely exhausted just thinking about it.  We’ve had Buddy since Ally was one year old. ONE. She is turning 9 in January. That’s a lot of shelves. Is there retirement in our future? A decade of Elf on the Shelf feels worthy of retirement.

Our elves have been a favorite holiday tradition in our home.  We’ve done some insane things with our elves.   I’ve stayed up late making tiny gingerbread houses or wrapping miniature gifts, but there is little more that I want in life than for my kids to grow up remembering all the fun and special things we did for them.  Yep, I’m crazy.

You may be new to this tradition or just needing fresh ideas, so here’s a little Elf inspiration from our Keller Family elves over the last 8 years.

Buddy was our first elf. His first few years he hopped bookshelves and countertops, nothing crazy. In fact, I think the first year he may have just been a decoration. At one year old, Ally didn’t know what an elf was.


But as time went on, Buddy needed a friend. One Christmas he arrived with a lady friend.  My kids went nuts for Snowflake.


They rehearsed lines of Disney’s Tangled on Hudson’s dresser,IMG_0027

had coffee together,IMG_0026made snow angels in faux snow,


and held baby Jesus so Mary could get some sleep.  IMG_0023

They played scrabble, IMG_0021

went to Sunday School with us, IMG_0017

and baked us all kinds of Christmas treats.


Ally and Hudson were crazy for their mini cake pops.
IMG_0020They even had a cake decorating competition.  Which do you like better, Ruffles or Roses??

One morning we found them dressed as CinderElfa and Prince Charming.

IMG_0016The craziest was when 21 new elves arrived on our doorstep.  I think word got out.


Buddy and Snowflake let them stay in Ally’s dollhouse. IMG_0024

They set up a Christmas gift wrapping station.  Wonder what’s inside?!


Hot cocoa dates,IMG_0069

Naughty toothpaste mornings, IMG_0045

they even sent Ally a candy gram to school! IMG_0046

Elves love donuts,


ice skating,  IMG_0062

acrobatics, IMG_0063

and hanging with Santas!IMG_0064

Snowflake decorated Ally’s dollhouse for Christmas, IMG_0065

and made teeny tiny gingerbread houses!IMG_0066

When they missed the North Pole they hung out in our freezer. IMG_0067

They circled toys they wanted in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog.


Once they caught the Grinch trying to steal Christmas!

One Christmas morning we woke up to dozens of their photo filling our family gallery wall.  They didn’t want Ally and Hudson to forget about them.


But of course they didn’t.  The following year they flew down from the North Pole in a hot air balloon!


Buddy and Snowflake usually give the kids an early Christmas gift.  Usually Christmas pjs or an ornament for their tree.

IMG_0333And they LOVE froyo just like us!

IMG_0292Dan was excited to see the Elves were filling out a mortgage app.

Buddy and Snowflake packed Ally a terribly unhealthy lunch.  IMG_0594

Hiding in our coffee table..IMG_1053-001

and in Ally’s bedroom..IMG_0917

and in our holiday sign!IMG_0364

Date night!
IMG_0038One of my favorite Elf mornings ever.   I was out of town working so my husband Dan was in charge of the elf.  So funny.


Ally and Hudson HAD to re enact for me what the elves did while I was out of town. IMG_0588Buddy thought our nativity needed some Christmas lights one year.

IMG_0628They camped out in my office, even roasted smores!
IMG_0035I loved waking up to hundreds of sugar cookies baked for my annual holiday event.


They sneaked into Ally’s gumball machine


got into the rice krispies,
IMG_0033and even peeked inside some of the wrapped Christmas gifts.  Buddy!
IMG_0030They served us mini donuts under the tree

IMG_0022and even showed up to our  hotel room one December!



One Christmas Eve they threw Jesus a birthday party.  All the elves came out to celebrate. IMG_0029

Last year Ally and Hudson were worried Buddy and Snowflake wouldn’t find our new house.  But they arrived with map in hand!IMG_0002They hid in Hudson’s bookshelf,
IMG_0009in the kitchen,
IMG_0003and kept watch over our living room.

Ally found them in her doll loft having a slumber party.


Swinging from the chandelier over our bathtub..

IMG_0006And baking the cookies again for me for the annual cookie decorating event. Thank goodness for all that help, right?

They loved fishing in our pond,

and watching the Michael Buble holiday special, front row!

And playing in the snow!IMG_0011

We couldn’t find them anywhere one day but they were hiding in my vintage Christmas cabinet.  Do you see them?


Last year I think they felt left out of our family Christmas card..


So here’s to another fun December with Buddy and Snowflake.  Follow their adventure this season using #jennycookieselfontheshelf!

Do you have an Elf on the shelf?  What is the best place/situation you’ve found your elf?

7 thoughts on “Jenny Cookies Elf on the Shelf

  1. Wondering where you found the girl elf in white and the blonde haired girl elf in the group photo? My child loves them and said the one looks like tinkerbell. Thanks.

  2. Wow!! Love it! Your house is beautiful! Happy Holidays! Trying to think of the most trouble our 3 elves had gotten themselves into… they could of caught the house on fire when they had a camp fire making smores! Super cute. =)

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