Here comes the Seattle bride

This month I was more than honored to be featured in three amazing wedding magazines!

Seattle Metropolitan Bride and Groom. This article featured 5 cakes, all different styles and textures. I created two cakes, a fondant covered cake with cascading gum paste petals, and also my signature buttercream rose cake. Both cakes were gorgeous, but the buttercream rose takes the cake! So lush and fluffy, it’s going to be a popular choice this season!

Seattle Bride  Their article was on cake pops and other mini desserts such as pie pops, donut pops, brownie pops, etc. They used the dessert table photo from our Burlap and Lace wedding last September. Thanks for the great shout out Seattle Bride!

Wedding Nouveau wrote an incredibly flattering article featuring the entire Burlap and Lace Wedding we did. They covered all the design elements from the fabrics used to the dessert table.  That wedding will always be of my favorites, so it felt great to have it featured in such a gorgeous magazine!

So fun going to the grocery store and seeing my work down the magazine aisle!

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